Moregro Vegetable Planter Compost

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Moregro Vegetable Planter Compost

Our MoreGro Vegetable Planter has been specially formulated with a blend 100% pure fibres and no peat. It contains sustainable forest by-products which is high in nutrients and organic matter that is perfect for vegetables to grow. Our MoreGro Vegetable Planter contains seaweed and volcanic dust to add essential nutrients such as sulphur, potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium, nitrogen and many more.

Size Per Pallet Barcode
56L 68 5 031639 888672

    You can download a zipped file below which contains the full range of Moregro Vegetable Planter artwork for use on websites, posters and banners.

  • Download Artwork:Moregro Vegetable Planter Artwork

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